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About Eva


Eva is the first looking of SecretHer Love Doll. The unique oriental girl's aesthetic is so strong that everyone can catch anyone's eye when they see her for the first time. The short hair matched in this photo shows a clean and neat appearance. At the same time, the style shows Eva's unique intellectual beauty.

Eva is known for her beautiful temperament. It fits with the two 163/170 height bodies. The longer legs and round and big breasts make her exude a unique sweetness, which constantly inspires the possessiveness of men. Makes every man want to possess her.

The light from her tender eyes can make people feel her empathetic tenderness. It seems that she knows that you need the understanding of you, who is so exhausted beings outside.

Eva's looking is fully depends on you, She can be a domineering lady, or a porn star full of desire, I instinctively like Eva with short hair, maybe she with long hair can inspire more of your possessivenes.

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