Sex doll 101: A Complete Sex doll Purchase Guide in Y2023

Sex doll 101: A Complete Sex doll Purchase Guide in Y2023


A lot of you who have been seeking to buy a sex doll for a while may already have some ideas about maybe being confused about: What’s the difference between TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls in real life? What is an EVO skeleton? There are so many brands out there, which manufacturer can provide the best product? Well, The purpose of this article is to help walk through these questions step by step with Mysecrether years of experience on Sex Dolls.
PS: This Article is Talking about full-size realistic Sex Dolls of both TPE and Silicone made for Adults only. if you are looking for a Torso Sex Doll. Only the Part Material Comparison is probably useful for you.


1. TPE or Silicone Sex Doll

2. Pros & Cons of TPE Sex Dolls

3. Pros & Cons of Silicone Sex Dolls

4. What is the meaning of the options when you Customize your doll? 

5. How to choose Sex Dolls from So many Brands?

6. Sex Dolls in Mysecrether Store

TPE or Silicone Sex Doll

TPE Sex Doll

Other articles when trying to explain what is a TPE doll often come with professional terms that we don’t recognize. To be honest, Nobody needs to learn what is and how the raw materials form a doll like that. everything we need to know about TPE is Safe to use, feels kind of like when you touch an eraser, yes the eraser people used in school, very soft. a TPE Sex Doll is more like an “ Action Girl”. a good partner.

Silicone Sex Doll

A Silicone Sex Doll is something else, Due to the natural difference between these two materials. a silicone Sex Doll is normally much more realistic from the appearance. You could recognize which one is silicone and which one is TPE easily. Here is a visual comparison.

Pros & Cons of TPE Sex Dolls

As I mentioned above, A TPE Sex Doll especially a Female TPE Sex Doll is good for “Action”. I would say before Y2021 if you want a doll to have a *practicable* oral performance without breaking the bank, TPE Dolls seem like the only way to go. I said *practicable*, not just you can stick something in it, and a few times later “She” or He” becomes “The Slit-Mouthed Woman”. 
If you browse google for Sex Dolls,  you definitely will notice a TPE doll is normally cheaper. it’s because of two things. Material cost and handcraft cost.  Things you may not know is TPE Raw material price is way cheaper than silicone. the differences can be up to 8 times cheaper. also, due to the nature of a TPE doll. basically, there is no paint on the Doll’s body. therefore, mass production is much easier to achieve. the other good side of this point, according to some of our customers, you can change to makeup and look if you want. for a silicone doll the paint job is already done so there is not much room for this improvement. 

Another thing TPE Sex Dolls is also related to the nature of the Raw Material. if we are talking two exactly size Sex Dolls. TPE is always heavier. for some people, this is worth knowing. especially for the people who are looking for BBW sex dolls. because if you not considering it, you will feel it is very hard to manage the doll when you receive it. too bad that sex dolls today still can not move by themselves. anything above 40KG is heavier than you think. because it’s dead weight. Watch it when you lift her. 

Pros & Cons of Silicone

Sex DollsIf you have read the above about TPE Sex Dolls. the benefit of Silicone Sex Dolls is obvious. Looks super real! the touch almost feels like touching a real woman. (with room temperature though, not a human temperature.) details are all over the body. the vessel appears as if in the shadow under the skin. the texture. the expressions and the charms on the face. Not something a TPE Doll can deliver. 

Even the silicone doll without weight reduction is lighter than a TPE doll. That is because of the material. and Yes, High-end silicone doll normally comes with weight reduction. weight reduction is special craftsmanship that uses on silicone dolls these days. normally it requires 2 sets of molds for 1 doll. in order to make the doll with silicone on the outside, and other soft but light materials as filling inside of the body. 
A few years ago, Silicone Dolls in general is not as soft as TPE dolls. also comes with parts tears. Today most manufacturers fixed that, Tayu Doll’s products today combine both lightweight and ultra-soft touch feelings. I would say it is a Pro now for today's Silicone girls.
By the time we write this article, the oral function of a silicone doll head is already mature. 2years ago on the market, basically no silicone doll manufacturer provides a good solution. only RealDoll can provide a good oral experience on a silicone doll. but today, the silicone oral doll is solid and mature from a few brands such as Tayu Doll and Zelex Doll. and it is not the same thing if you compare it with TPE Doll, Silicone Doll Oral head comes with a tongue at least, for [Zelex Inspiration Series], it even comes with a tonsilla.

Cons for Silicone Dolls are also obvious, the price range for a Decent one is normally $2500 - $ 4500.  Basically, No vendors or manufacturers stock Silicone dolls in the warehouse, the reason for that is at this price range, Customer normally requires to customize their dolls in every way. and it can only be done in the factory. a handcrafted Silicone Doll requires at least 3weeks to produce. Normally it takes 4weeks, From to come out from molds, refining, hand painting, drying, and dressing. it takes a pretty long until you see your girl. but I would say it’s worth the wait. 

What is the meaning of the options when you Customize your doll?

Tips: Here we talking about Customize your doll means Customized options that Vendors & Manufacturers provide based on their model. We call it a regular Customize that you need to do when you make the purchase. Not like you have some pictures in your mind and trying to make your own doll. that would be Very Very Costly.

When you decide to buy a sex doll, one of the most interesting aspects is the ability to customize it to your preferences. Almost every manufacturer has a different set of options to choose from. In general, the options you can customize are:Here in Mysecrether Store most of the options are clearly for our customers. But for those people who are not very familiar with this sector, here is useful information for you to make your decision.

Tayu Doll: Vagina Type. Fixed/Removable
This is an easy one to understand, Fixed Vagina is a built-in vagina it comes out from the Mold. in this case, let’s say every time you need to clean up the vagina you need to bring the whole doll. 
A removable vagina you can easily take it out from the doll’s torso and clean it up. a video can better explain how it works.

Hard Foot
For some brands such as Zelex, there are 3 options you can choose for the doll’s foot.  Soft Foot, Foot with Bolts. Standing Foot without Bolts.

EVO/EXP Skeleton. 
This Term normally confused a lot of beginner buyers. and of course, there is a slight difference between different manufacturers.  the Major improvements of an EVO (Zelex Doll Called EXP)Skeleton are more positions that you can pose a doll with more flexibility. to understand this correctly you can think that your doll can do Yoga with EVO Skeleton, without EVO Skeleton it can’t be done.  the thing you can notice is Shrug Shoulders from outside. 

To meet the demands of more customers, ZELEX has launched a brand new skeleton named EXP after extensive research and testing. The EXP (from the word "expression") skeleton is an expanded version of the traditional EVO skeleton, enabling ZELEX DollS to perform more natural and lifelike movements, conveying richer emotions, which makes ZELEX GIRLS even more attractive.
The new EXP skeleton mainly features the following characteristics:
Extended Shoulder Movement: Increased joint mobility allows the shoulder to retract, coordinating with the movement of the arms, unlock more poses and greatly enhance the doll's ability to showcase itself.
Ball-Jointed Neck: Increased ball-and-socket joint allows for free movement of the head, resulting in a more lifelike appearance.
Double-Jointed Elbow : The elbow joint is redesigned to a double-jointed structure and the wrist joint is enhanced with a ball-and-socket joint, enabling more diverse and natural movements of the elbow and hand.
Flexible Waist: Re-adjustment of the lumbar joint provides both stable support and ease of twisting movement.
When customers purchase ZELEX DollS, they could choose between the EVO skeleton or the EXP skeleton. From now until April 20th, customers can get a ZELEX Doll with the new EXP skeleton at the same price as the one with the traditional EVO skeleton.

What do these options mean?

A Soft foot is just a regular doll foot, normally manufacturers do not recommend your doll to be in a stand position. especially with bare feet.
Foot With Bolts. The below picture can show you what a doll with Standing Bolts looks like. what the bolts, the weight of the doll will support by the bolts instead of by the barefoot. this will Maximum protect the feet of your doll. it won’t have any damage for years.
For Zelex Doll, there is an additional option for the foot option called the hard foot. The meaning of this option means they will make the foot material harder than other parts of the body in order for the doll to stand on its feet without any bolt for an attractive appearance reason. please Note that when you order a Zelex Doll with a hard foot option they come with hard hands also. 

Skin color and texture - This is an important aspect when selecting your doll, as it will be the first thing you notice when you take it out of the box. You can choose the skin color that you find the most attractive, and the texture that feels the best to you.

Eye color - The color of the eyes can completely change the look and personality of your doll, so make sure to choose carefully.

Hair color and style - Another crucial aspect of customization is the hair. You can select the hair color and style that matches your preference.

Breasts - You can choose the size and shape of the breasts, whether you want them to be natural, perky, or voluptuous.

Vagina - Depending on your preference, you can customize the vagina to be either fixed or removable. The fixed vagina is permanently attached to the doll’s body, while the removable one can be taken out for cleaning and hygiene purposes.

Also, you can choose from the different depths of the vagina, normally it comes in 13/15/18cm 3 options.

Anal and oral options - Some dolls come with both anal and oral options, while others only offer one or the other. If you have a particular preference, make sure to select the right option for you.

Standing or non-standing feet - If you want your doll to be able to stand on its own, you can choose the standing feet option. If you prefer the doll to lay down or sit, you can choose the non-standing feet option. These are some of the main customization options available for sex dolls. Remember that the more options you select, the more expensive the doll will be. However, it’s worth investing in a doll that suits your preferences and will bring you maximum pleasure.

How to choose Sex Dolls from So many Brands?

Choosing a sex doll can be a daunting task, especially with so many brands and models available in the market. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right sex doll for your needs:* Consider the material: Sex dolls are made from a variety of materials, including silicone, TPE, and latex. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that suits your needs the best.* Think about the size and weight: Sex dolls come in different sizes and weights. Consider the space you have available and how you plan to use the doll when choosing a size and weight.* Look for customization options: Some sex doll brands offer customization options, such as the ability to choose hair color, eye color, and other features. If you want a more personalized experience, look for a brand that offers customization.* Read reviews: Before making a purchase, be sure to read reviews from other customers. This can give you an idea of the quality of the product and the customer service of the brand.

Tayu Doll

Tayu, also known as Artdoll (Japan), is a Chinese brand for life-sized and life-like silicone love dolls.

Tayu has been in the high-end silicone doll industry and brings innovation to the doll market. The whole design and concept of Tayu are based on doll lovers’ feedback. The goal is to provide solutions to doll lovers' difficulties and to keep bringing new features that doll enthusiasts will love.

 As an innovative and high-tech silicone doll maker and Tayumade significant breakthroughs in 2021, they have managed to make dolls 30% lighter in comparison to dolls within the same height range that are also very soft. Our artificial companions are built based on marketing studies of both Eastern and western users.

Zelex Doll

Zelex is specializing in the development and manufacture of ultra-realistic sex dolls. We have a professional R&D team whose purpose is to design high-quality sex dolls to provide customers with a perfect experience. Each of Zelex's products is hand-drawn by the artist with a realistic shape and fine makeup. 

Zelex Doll is famous for their 170cm Inspiration series. with a moveable jaw, and oral function.Appropriate body proportions. and the looks of these girls that everybody loves.

Sex Dolls in Mysecrether Store

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