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Tayu Doll (Art Doll) - Ivy - Girl From Western World. Best realistic sex doll

Tayu Doll (Art Doll) - Ivy - Girl From Western World. Best realistic sex doll

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Tayu Doll - Ivy is the newest released girl from Tayu Doll collection. It's easily recognizable since it's a girl from the western world. Choose between the 163 D or the 170E body to make your fantasy come alive. It's very realistic and lifelike so you will enjoy it. 

It's made from high-end silicone to mimic the feel of real skin. Tayu Doll - Ivy is made of sturdy material to make her last longer. Her beautiful face is perfect for a solo play. This western girl will satisfy your fantasy with no strings attached.

She arrives to fulfill your every desire, Tayu Doll - Ivy can be used for bit vaginal and anal sex. Choose a compatible body for her that you will enjoy. She can be petite to the tall girl of your dreams. Her soft skin will make your fantasies come true, and be with this hot woman anytime.

Shipping from China. Custom Taxes and Air Freight included*

Production Period 5Weeks. 

Body Measurements

  • Height: 163cm / 5'4''
  • Net weight: 26kg / 57lb
  • Cup: D
  • Bust: 86cm / 2'10''
  • Under bust: 70cm / 2'4''
  • Waist: 59cm / 1'11''
  • Hip: 88cm / 2'11''
  • Neck circumference: 26cm / 10.2''
  • Shoulder: 35cm / 13.8''
  • Thigh: 55cm / 1'9''
  • Calf length: 51cm / 1'8''
  • Calf girth: 48cm / 1'7''
  • Foot length: 24cm / 9.0''
  • Anus: 13cm / 5.1''
  • Vagina: 10cm or 13cm or 15cm or 18cm
  • Packaging size: 159*41*35cm
  • Packaging weight: 40kg / 88lb

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